About Us

VUCA (Vision, Understanding, Clarity, Agility) ANALYTICS is a company that provides academic consultancy and software development in the field of big data analytics. In this area, it produces big data analytics software especially for energy markets and systems. Our company was established in January 2020 as a big data analytics start-up in ODTU Teknokent by three researchers, IT Systems Doctor, Electrical Electronics Engineering Doctor and MSc Industrial Engineer. All of the founding partners have 15 years of energy industry experience in addition to their academic experience in their own fields.

Our company has received several big data analytics projects with its establishment and is currently running. Our projects are on big data analytics with anomaly / leak detection, behavioral modeling, failure prediction, demand prediction. Every algorithm and model developed is unique. It includes a high level of statistics, advanced data analysis, engineering knowledge and experience. For this reason, all our works are in the form of R&D by nature and all our personnel are involved in the R&D processes. The prominent point in the effectiveness of our company’s ability to develop advanced big data analytics software is the level of knowledge and past knowledge of its staff. The perception of our company by the sector is in this direction; it is the first company that comes to mind in the solution of problems in which standard solution methods remain inadequate or uncompetitive.

It is aimed that our company will be a company that can compete with multinational companies by offering innovative, original and advanced technological products in the field of big data analytics in the medium and long term, leading the industry and leading the sector.

Joint studies are carried out with METU Informatics Institute in the fields of big data analytics, data-based decision making and digital transformation.


Becoming a leader consulting and software development firm in data analytics field in Turkey and compete with global firms.


Supporting operations and decision-making processes of companies using data analytics and software solutions.