You can assign your fieldworkers automatically and efficiently using our work force optimization. You can increase your service speed and quality thanks to high employee productivity.

You can foresee the risks for supply security in electricity generation and manage it to obtain sustainable and cost efficient suppy with our energy management system for micro grids.

Work Force Optimization

Workforce optimization, which focuses on increasing employee productivity, is based on directing teams with different skills and different locations to the right site. It provides auto assignment according to location, experience and available equipment. This process of positioning the most suitable team is vital in case of malfunction.

We provides workforce optimization that allows the site team to be assigned in accordance with their daily plans when needed. We ensure that the right team with the right equipment is assigned at the right time to the malfunction or need is responded quickly.

Energy Management System (EMS) Micro Grid

Micro grids, are solution for the problem of providing clean and affordable energy to rural or offgrid areas, can supply reliable and potentially clean energy not only for rural areas but also other areas connected to the grid. The planning and operation process of these systems is faced with several difficulties, often due to uncertainties arising from the stochastic nature of renewable resources and electricity consumption. The energy management systems we offer for micro grids give solutions that meet the energy demand by considering resource constraints while minimizing the cost. These systems plan when the battery will be charged and discharged, and when the surplus energy from solar production will be given to the grid or battery.