• You can take position in bilateral agreements and day ahead market based on our short term load forecasting. By doing so you can decrease inbalance cost and increase your financial performance. You can foresee the market and support decision making processes using our medium-long term load forecasting.

  • You can predict the generation of renewable portfolio more accuratly using our solar and wind power generation forecasting. You can offer bids accordingly, decrease inbalance cost and plan the maintenance of power plants.

  • You can foresee the outage risks with our outage forecast. You can take action to hold a system security, use resources efficiently and increase service quality.

Electricity Demand Forecasting

Region or portfolio-based electricity demand forecasting is used for short, medium and long-term purposes. These forecasts;

  • It is used in energy purchases for the day ahead and intraday markets, in addition to bilateral agreements.

  • It is required for demand side management

  • Transmission, distribution and financial planning use. Also, it is the primary input in operations and maintenance.

  • It is the input of optimization for energy management systems that necessity is increasing day by day.

Demand forecasting, are important in every sense, are made in the most accurate way with our knowledge based on years of forecasting and energy analytics’ experience.

Solar & Wind Generation Forecasting

Generation forecasts of renewable power plants are used for different critical purposes according to forecast horizon. Short-term forecasts are used for transactions and regulatory actions in electricity markets, while medium and long-term forecasts are used for maintenance planning, reserve capacity operations, and operation management. Our multi-purpose models that provide these forecasts for the plants use after the reliable supply of the most important input, the weather forecast. These prediction models have been specially studied on a country basis in addition to plant or region-based with years of experience and continue to serve.

Outage Forecast

Faults are inevitable in complex systems such as modern distribution systems. Power outages can occur due to many reasons, especially in areas where overhead lines are intense. In order to minimize the effect of these interruptions on the system, a high speed and reliable protection is required. Accurate outage estimates can be kept to a minimum by positioning the necessary workforce in the field before the interruptions in the system occur. The outage estimation system can predict the outages up to a week before the province and districts, depending on the length of the power outage. Knowing the expected outages a week in advance, the quality of the distribution service is improved, the workforce of the field personnel is used economically, and the productivity increases accordingly.