By the developments in Information and Communication technologies (ICT); acquiring, monitoring, analyzing, and storing of data processes become faster. Digitalization is crucial in the business world thanks to advantage of ICT developments.

You can learn digital capabilities via Digital Maturity Index model we developed for electricity distribution companies.

Morevoer, we can build your digital strategy and road map based on your targets, weakness and strength in digital transformation.

Digital Maturity Index

Digital maturity level shows the competences and adaptation of a firm in digital transformation. Digital maturity index demonstrates the digital maturity level numerically based on some categories and metrics.

We developed a digital maturity index model for electricity distribution companies. Our model includes 5 main categories which are strategy and culture, technological infrastructure, operations and processes, cyber security and customer experience, 15 sub-categories and almost 130 related questions. Each question has a weight according to thier impact on digital maturity. You can learn your detailed digital maturity index score in various categories via objective measurement from our experts.

Digital Strategy and Road Map

After digital maturity index is measured, firms can understand their strong and weak parts in digitalization process. Our experts offer you a best road map for your firm based on your digital maturity index and your strategy. Using this road map you can reach your digitalization targets in a very short term, increase your quality of products and services and get an advantage of digitalization in the competitive market.