• We provide comprehensive trainings for the data sciencei digital transformation and industry 4.0 which are the most popular topics in the business world currently.

  • You can learn about artificial intelligence, most popular machine learning algorithms, new trends and use cases in our data analytics trainings

  • Moreover, while you learn the key parts of data analytics you can improve your coding skills in Python with our applied data analytics training with Python.

  • You can learn the newest trends and new business models in digital transformation and you can determine the best steps of your digitalization process by our digital transformation training.

  • You can learn state-of-the-art technologies in energy sector and you can understand how these technologies can be adopted by your business with our industry 4.0 in energy sector training.

Data Analytics Training & Applied Data Analytics Training with Python

You can learn the key topics of data anaytics such as data manupulation, correlation, regression, classification, clustering, artificial neural network, bagging & boosting, time series modelling and many more with details and real life example. You can gain competence or advance your skills of coding in Python.

Digital Transformation Training

Digital transformation is a real game changer in current business world. You can expand your knowledge and determine your digital strategy based on our training. In our training, you can learn the whole details of digital transformation including new trends, data analytics, building digital strategy, inovation and funding, digital cooperations, digital sustainability, product/service management and customer based supply chain.

Energy 4.0 Training

You can learn the technologies and methods used in energy sector such as artificial intelligence, big data analytics, virtual reality, cloud technologies, smart sensors and cyber securtiy and select the best technologic investment option for your firm. Moreover, you can learn the current state of energy sector in Turkey and you can understand your firms position.

You can take trainings as a group or as a firm. Please contact for prices.
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