Customer Analytics

Try to acquire new customers is more expensive than holding existing customers. That is why, understanding existing customers and keeping them as a loyal customer is crucial.

You can understand your customer better, introduce new products or services accordingly and increase loyalty of your customers with our customer clustering, sentiment analysis and churn analysis.

Clustering and Sentiment Analysis

Understanding your customer segment is one of the major issues in business. We provide customer segmentation analysis for your customers using machine learning – clustering algorithms. Firms can provide customer specific products or services and increase their revenues by proper customer segmentation.

Sentiment analysis helps you to understand customer attitude about your firm, product or service. In Sentiment Analysis customer comments are taken as inputs and they are tagged as either positive, neutral or negative using machine learning algorithms. Finally we provide some actions to take in order to increase customer satisfaction based on analyses.

Churn/Loyalty Analysis

Churn and loyalty analysis helps to decrease customer loss. Churn analysis helps you to understand why customers are stop buying your products or using your services. We answer the questions like which customers have the highes probability of quitting in a short period of time and what is the effect of rival firms in customer loss. Finally we provide some actions to take in order to decrease customer loss.